With each collection, PORTS 1961 delivers a luxe sense
 of chic with characterful twists, personality and creativity.

Founded by Canadian entrepreneur Luke Tanabe, an unwavering dedication to quality has prevailed the brand’s narrative since the beginning. While importing Japanese silk to the New World, Tanabe developed a cross-cultural perspective that mirrored the sweeping social changes of the ’60s. Reflecting his vision for the rise of the modern woman, Tanabe expanded Ports into a luxury womenswear label that would earn global admiration for its precision and ease.

In 2019, PORTS 1961 evolved into a modern creative collective defined not by the restraints of traditional design practices, but by constant collaboration. Echoing the brand’s propensity for pragmatic and playful combinations, Karl Templer leads fashion, with visual identity by Baron & Baron and global business strategy led by Michela Piva.

With this fresh new synergy, PORTS 1961 merges namesake heritage with today’s most forward-thinking creatives — pushing the label into the future.